What Do You Get With Atom?

Atom is a complete Cyber Security Suite with which you get all the essential components and features necessary to operate an online privacy and security Business.

Atom Console

The Atom console is where you manage and create VPN accounts, check order status’, manage your profile, manage your users’ account settings, generate reports/invoices, check plans and billing details and keep track of your business growth.

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Custom App Templates

You have the option to modify or customize the already existing app templates that better align with your brand positioning, business vision, and brand guidelines. The app templates are available for all major app platforms.

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Modifiable SDKs

Our Software Development Kit (SDK) is modifiable, and you can use it to create your own software or integrate Atom into your existing brand or product offerings. Platforms other than Windows, Mac, Android & iOS can integrate Atom with VPN via REST APIs exposed.

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Flexible APIs

You can easily modify Atom’s RESTful APIs to meet your specific needs. In the case of custom integration, Atom has exposed its core functionalities via REST requests. The API can be used for servers as well as for client implementation.

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Proxy Extension For Browsers

Atom’s browser Proxy extensions are fully customizable, and you can change its template in accordance with your brand identity. Famous browsers like Chrome and Mozilla are supported which supports the extension file type.

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Advanced Protocols

Advance data tunneling protocols such as PPTP, IPSec, OpenVPN, L2TP, and IKEV2 are supported. Each VPN protocol offers a different encryption level, varying from 128 bits to 512 bits, and every protocol has its defined set of attributes.

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Atom’s Console: The Ultimate Administrative Platform

Once you white-label Atom, you are given access to its console where you can manage your profile, your users, billing details and devise relevant reports.

Profile Management

Whether you want to access details about your account, update information, view billing details or check Atom’s usage history, you can access all details within the Vendor Profile management dashboard in Atom’s console.


Trace your order details from the Order Management option; where you can check the status of orders, place a new order, or check your order history. You also have options to contact sales or cancel any order or quotation request.

Account Management

Vendors can create new accounts, renew old ones, change passwords and check account status of user accounts. You have full authority to manage user accounts according to the predefined business strategy and policies.

Atom's Infrastructure

Atom has a global presence in 55+ Countries and has 750+ servers strategically located around the globe to cater any user requirements that may across.

IP Pool

Atom has over 80,000+ globally unique IP addresses, both shared and dedicated, to facilitate user requirements, as both have their varying uses. IP addresses are assigned in accordance with the server a specific user is connected to.

Behemoth Network
Of Servers

Our server network is spread across globally, amassing 55+ countries with a server count of more than 750+, which are strategically placed. Atom has both physical and private servers located around the world.

Major Platforms

Atom’s platform was engineered keeping flexibility and integration in view, so it is compatible with virtually any device that connects to the internet. Atom is supportable by most routers, Smart TVs, gaming console major OS.

Why Partner Up With Atom

Organizations are in a perfect storm because of the online threats that are causing millions of dollars in losses. Atom offers the perfect security solutions that are needed to combat such security risks.

A Decade Of Legacy

With more than a decade of experience working in the Cyber Security industry, we are now offering others to take advantage of our resources.

Powerful Encryption

With our groundbreaking security products and military grade encryption of up to 512 bits, user’s online data becomes virtually indecipherable.

Ultimate Privacy

Being registered in a country which has no mandatory data retention laws, we promise 100% security and anonymity with zero log policy.

Easy Integration

The heart of Atom is its APIs and SDKs which enables anyone to integrate it into their services or simply start their own business by white-labeling it.

Zero Capital Investment

We believe in sharing synergies that benefit the whole ecosystem, so, currently, we are not putting a tag if you want to start a new business with Atom.

Services Beyond VPN

Besides VPN, Atom also offers Next-Generation Firewall, Email encryption service, App blocking, content filtering and other services too.

Harness The Power Of Our Advanced Infrastructure

With Atom by your side, you have everything you need to materialize your vision of launching and running a VPN business without getting into the hassle of setting up an infrastructure of your own.

750+ Servers
in 55+ Countries

24/7 Customer

99% Uptime

80,000+ Globally
Unique IP's

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Advance Services That Goes Beyond VPN

With Atom you get a wide array of security features that are not just limited to VPN. We also offer other innovative and customized solutions for those who like to provide additional security services to their customers.

Antivirus & Anti Malware

Our Antivirus and Anti Malware service operates on the server level and prevents viruses from getting to user’s device. Antimalware feature prevents the malware from reaching user’s device and performing malicious activities.

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Email Encryption Service

Emails are mostly exploited for malware and phishing attacks, so, to make incoming and outgoing emails secure, Atom offers Email encryption and scanning feature to protect your important and sensitive data.

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Ad-Blocking Service

Online Ads are a great source of annoyance for the internet users, so using an ad-block service they can not only evade the ad bombardment, but it’ll also decrease the page load time as ads also take time to load on a webpage.

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Remarkable Services With Unmatchable Performance

The sole purpose of creating Atom’s platform is to empower businesses by increasing their performance and creating value for their customers.

Fastest VPN Speed

With more than 750+ servers worldwide, strategically spread throughout the globe, we deliver the best VPN speed with unlimited bandwidth.

Zero Log Policy

Atom is not bound to keep records of any users because it has its roots in a country with no specific data retention laws or policies, so, we don’t keep any logs.

Content From Anywhere

With a myriad of different country servers available at your disposal, you can access content from anywhere by connecting to any server of your choice.

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling allows you to segment your online traffic by enabling you to choose what data you want to route through a secure VPN tunnel and what data access the internet directly.

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