Seamless Online Security Delivered On Temporary Basis

Atom provides you with temporary arrangements of its privacy and security services which are predefined by the timeframe of the event and the features you require.

Secure Online Connectivity

Big public events or digital conventions are the most lucrative places for hackers or identity thieves to pry on their target, snoop on their online activities and steal personal online data such as financial information, personal photos or videos which if get in the wrong hands can lead to devastating consequences.

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Access To International Content for Guests

People from all over the world join these Digital events, seminars, and conventions; and it’s highly likely that most of your guests comprise of expats wanting to access websites from their home country, which could be inaccessible in the country where the event is taking place. Using Atom’s unblock services can give them access to international content without any hassle.

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No Long-Term Contracts

Atom doesn’t bound you to pay monthly or yearly. We are open to discussion and can provide packages best suited to the time frame of your event. Whether you would need our advanced, robust solutions for a day, or on selected dates of the month; our secure network services are available at your perusal 24/7 after you’ve subscribed for them.

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