You can get in touch with us to explain the desired outcome. We believe every business is unique with unique requirements. Once our team understands how your success would look like, we’ll offer you off-the-shelf, custom or hybrid approaches. You can pick the one or a hybrid as per your requirement. Getting onboard with Atom is a super-simple process. Just signup and start experiencing the service right away while integrating all of Atom offerings with your applications.

You can ask our technology consultant for the list of all possible integration variables.

There is also a legal and documentation process involved which caters to various aspects such as but not limited to, Duration of the contract / Terms of Services for end users, Abuse Handling i.e. whether we’ll provide partner’s information and what would be the repercussions

  • Onboarding
  • Duration
  • Contract & Terms of Service
  • Abuse Handling
  • Logging Issue
  • GDPR
  • Confidentiality

We support more than 50 payment options. You can pay us through VISA, MasterCard, American Express, WebMoney, PayPal, Alipay or any other option of your choice. You can transfer small amounts via mentioned payment gateways and large amounts via bank deposits.

Atom offers comprehensive RESTful APIs which are further supported by SDKs for more than 4 platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux) with supported technical documentations and sample codes. Platforms other than the ones which are already mentioned can integrate Atom via RESTful APIs exposed.

With Atom you get our decade of experiential learning. Besides all the mentoring, Atom provides state-of-the-art features like NGFW (Next Generation Firewall), email encryption, URL filtering, Content filtering, Antivirus that operates on network level and Atom owned DNS Servers which no one offerers in the VPN industry in combination with a VPN.

Normally it takes 2-3 weeks to get started. Atom provides you with the APIs and SDKs in the trial. Native apps for different platforms are provided. But exactly how fast a business can launch depends on how they've planned the integration phase and business relevant processes. It also depends on your team of developers and how fast they can work on the implementation process. There is no processing or hold up from our side.

We are offering the most convenient and simple pricing structures. We have different pricing models and it depends on your requirements and the user base you are looking to onboard within the first quarter or the agreed-upon business model. We offer a flexible billing model. We offer individual user accounts, dedicated accounts, business accounts on basis of 500 users per server with a concurrent rate of 250 users per server. We also offer pay-as-you-go model in which you pay per user as you grow your business.

Yes. Alongside, comprehensive technical documentation is provided to you after you’ve successfully subscribed for the services and if you have a strong team of developers onboard, there aren’t many complexities involved as everything is pretty much packaged and bundled. But, if you don’t have the right resources or if the resources do not possess the specific skill set that’s required for full-scale deployment, you can always get in touch with us and address your hindrances. We will provide you with the necessary assistance for integrating the SDKs and APIs.

Yes, you can. This is the whole purpose of offering White label solutions. Once you white label Atom, you can change the color theme of the VPN apps, change its logo, interface, and can even develop the whole VPN app from the ground up. You will have complete freedom to tweak the app according to your own brand positioning, strategic business decisions and features offered.

We currently provide desktop and mobile apps for 4 major platforms which are Window, Mac, iOS, and Android. Once you white-label Atom, you have the option to rebrand and tweak the VPN service according to your own branding by changing its color scheme, logo and adding other personally identifiable details.

Yes, we do. You can send your request via Contact Form, and our engineers will contact you within 48 hours.

We don’t usually provide this particular service nor is it being offered with any of our bundled packages. You can, however, discuss this specific requirement in detail with our engineers.

Atom’s dedicated VPN network is spread across in 55+ countries, with 750+ servers. Our Servers are strategically located around the globe. Atom’s digital footprints are available in almost every country and continent to ensure users get maximum coverage.

Yes, we do provide you with a customized WHMCS module through which you can create, delete account and operate your billing model.

No. With Atom’s white-labeling solution you become an entirely new VPN entity. Atom’s toolkit is designed to make yourself identifiable as a separate VPN service which is not affiliated with anyone.

Atom provides Developers with a Developer Portal which contains all the required tools for the Developer, starting from getting the API Secret key till Developer Playground where a user can experience the real feel how the APIs are working.

Atom Console is basically designed for the ultimate Admin or Atom partner. Since focus has been to provide all functionalities through APIs and SDKs, so not much functionality has been exposed on Atom Console to onboard end-user. Having said that, in Account Management Section, a basic end-user management is placed, including, CRUD operations of an end-user. Rest can be and should be used via API.

Atom Dashboard has all the reports which show end-user activity (non-browsing, non-originating IP) to the Admin. For custom reporting, we can take an additional fee.

  • Get the Secret/API Key from Developer section in Atom Console.
  • Download the SDK from Developer Section in Atom Console. Available for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows & Linux.
  • Integrate the SDK into App (Platform of your own Choice)
  • Integrate the API Key in the SDK (Available on Atom Console)
  • Test the App for a Valid VPN Connection with the Server.

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