Atom Adds Security To Your Existing Brand Offerings

Partnering with Atom enables you to add an essential layer of encryption to your devices, ensuring complete online security and privacy for your customers and protecting them from a myriad of cyber threats.

Smart Cyber Security solutions
for smart devices

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Smart API and SDKs
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VPN safeguards your IoT devices
from cyber threats

Secure Your Customers
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Your Customers Deserve Online Protection

Enterprises, big or small, are mostly unequipped with the right technology and infrastructure to combat today’s cyber threat landscape, hence you need expert online security solutions that can give you a leg up on the competition.

Software Or Appliance Manufacturer

No matter how powerful and robust software solutions you are offering or how convenient your IoT enabled appliances are; if they are not secure and its architecture is not protected with some sort of layer of security, you are exposing your customers to a lot of online threats.

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Server Hosting

Whether you are a big Server hosting company or small, you have an excellent opportunity to offer your customers with security services, such as a VPN, as an extended brand offering that can secure them from identity theft, hack attacks and ultimately making sure that your customers stay safe at all time.

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Smart Devices

Smart devices have surely made lives easier, but In addition to the raw capabilities that smart devices possess, the biggest concern of today’s customer is if they can really trust these network enabled devices and use them without the fear of losing their own control over them.

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Strategic Alliance To Grow Your Business

Having a decade’s worth of experience in the online privacy and security industry, we are aware of all the regulatory compliances and know how to prevent and respond to online threats. So join hands with Atom in making the internet safe again.

Cobranding Opportunity

We value collaboration and are of the belief that partnering up with each other creates synergies that can benefit everyone in the long run and enable us to grow together, better, stronger.

Product Secured With Encryption

The World is going digital, and as consumers are getting more aware, they demand unbeatable security and ultimate protection for their smart devices, and that’s exactly what Atom delivers to you.

A Win-Win Approach

Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation for everyone, as you will have a competitive edge over your competition, while your customers have peace of mind as they enjoy full-proof online security.

Get Atom’s Advanced Features At No Extra Cost

Atom’s vision is to secure businesses, enterprises and internet users with its state-of-the-art network infrastructure, hence we encourage those entities who’d like to be a part of this journey with us as there are no strings attached.

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