Atom is committed towards ensuring the privacy of your personal data. We would advise you to completely go through our privacy policy to understand how we collect user data and what kind of data do we collect. Generally, we collect user data from various sources such as when a user contacts us, visit our website (data stored in Google Analytics), data from mobile application and its usage, portal usage, user behavior related to our product and service etc. This privacy policy is devised to help you understand the rights you have in regards to your personal data.

What Data Is Collected By Atom Through Its Platform

Atom only collects the data which is member specific and are unique identifiers of them, and that too for billing purposes and to improve its services. Atom does not sell or release any user data to any of the third parties until or unless situations related to legal matters where we, as an entity, are requested by official investigators, attorneys, Government agencies or a competent court with a legal warrant. In such instances, the accused member of the service would be notified and will have the opportunity to present its information or to conduct any relevant proceedings in the matter.

Data Retention

We retain your data as long as it is deemed necessary for us to operate our business, serve you better and process information related to transactions, billing, charge backs, settlements, taxes or other business, financial or legal matters. Even if you discontinue our services and no longer a member, we would still be retaining some of your data to meet our legitimate business obligations and at any point in time would also be deleting it completely from our records or at least isolating it to an extent that it becomes inaccessible for anyone.

How Atom Responds To Criminal Investigations

Atom respects and fully cooperates with law enforcement agencies in matters pertaining to legal matters. The agency, investigator or competent court is required to contact Atom with a subpoena having minimal information about the member or at least unique identifiers about the member. In a criminal investigation Atom would not divulge any facts regarding the member.

Data Collected Through Automation

In some cases, user data is collected automatically through the system and algorithms in place which can affect you both legally and otherwise. Bear in mind that these automation processes in no way are intrusive or are there for any other purposes but to provide you better service. For instance, your IP address or your country of origin is recorded in order to determine, rectify and evade any spam or protect our customers from any sort of phishing attack, malicious content etc.

All these processes doesn’t necessarily needs a human review. But in case, if for any reason, your IP address, URL, platform access to get blocked or you’re restricted from accessing any part of the service, it’s your right to address such issues, notify us, and log a complaint. We understand that automation processes are not perfect, and that is why in case something goes severely wrong or to address user complains, human involvement becomes mandatory.

Password Privacy

We highly recommend users to safeguard information related to their credentials i.e usernames and passwords. In case of any misuse occured on your account due to negligence of unauthorized access, you would be held responsible for any action performed through your account. You are advised not to share your site/portal credentials with anyone. You authorize us to believe that any entity that is using your account is you or is authorized by you. Atom would not be held responsible for any loss/damage that occurs because of your negligence or inability to control your account or your credentials.

Your Data Protection Rights

As a user of Atom, you have the following rights to ensure the protection of your data:

  • If you wish to change, alter, modify your personal data, you can exercise these by simply accessing your member area/portal or by directly contacting us by opening a inquiry ticket in the contact area.

  • After May 25th, 2018, after the GDPR law comes into effect, you have full authority to restrict us from processing your personal data, as us to delete your personal data or give us an explicit consent of how your data can be used. You can agai exercise this right by directly contacting us.

  • You have full authority to opt out of any marketing communications that’s made on business level and send out to existing or former customers. You can opt out of the process by simply clicking on the “unsubscribe” option available in the emails or can approach us directly.

  • It is your right to give consent on what kind of data should be collected or take actions on instances you believe your data is collected without your consent or unlawfully collected. In case, you believe your data was unlawfully collected, you have full authority to complain data protection authorities. We however would comply with you in both the cases.

Security Of Your Data

At Atom, we strive to ensure maximum protection of your data, by utilizing state-of-the-art encryption technologies, deploying appropriate physical and software infrastructure, security procedures and everything necessary to fortify your data, but nothing can be guaranteed as 100% safe. All the processes and security measures are designed keeping in view the sensitivity of the data we're collecting or storing. Beside, the strict measures we’re taking on our side to ensure maximum security of your data, we would strictly advise you to keep your login credentials safe so as to avoid any unauthorized access to your account.

Information Publicly Shared By You

Any official or personal information that you share on any public forum regarding the matters relating to your association with Atom or our service can not be protected and in some cases that information can be used by anyone against you as it is a public forum. Judging by the sensitivity of the information, things can rise legal complications too.

Change In Privacy Policy

Atom’s privacy policy is continuously updating, hence we do add/update clauses periodically. If there is a major change in Privacy Policy, users are notified officially through proper channels and platforms available. If deem necessary, a proper published document containing relevant information would be mailed to the customer.