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Enrich your current offering with our NextGen
Cyber Security capabilities

Our OEM platform Atom empowers you with a robust set of APIs / SDKs to leverage our global infrastructure & Internet Security offerings so that you can create value for your end users.

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Innovative Apps

Our innovative, flexible and scalable apps are compatible with popular operating systems and devices.

Devices & operating systems that we support:

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Supercharged Protection

Our Advanced Enterprise-Grade NextGen Firewall technology protects you from a myriad of threats lurking in the digital hemisphere and secures you online to a great extent.

Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) features:

IDPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems), Anti-Virus (Operates on server level), Content Filtering, App Filtering, App Blocker, Ad Blocker, Safe Search

Static, Dedicated IP From Anywhere

We offer Dedicated IP from different countries so that the users can enjoy complete online freedom and accessibility to their personal avenues on the web.

SMEs & Home Consumers

NextGen VPN & Secure DNS for Home Users & SMEs

Our flagship and premium brand,, offers the world's most advanced VPN and Secure DNS solutions for Home users and SMEs, securing the broadest range of devices 24/7/365.

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Core Technologies Offered To Partners

With VPN infrastructure in over 55 countries, Secure Recursive DNS Infrastructure in over 20 countries, and no CapEx requirement, swiftly out-compete your competition leveraging our economies.

Advanced Enterprise-Grade NextGen Features

Choose any of our advanced features that best resonate with your business and fulfills the need of your target audience.

Advanced Features:

IDPS, Anti-Virus, App Filtering, DDoS Protection, Ads Blocking, Secure Downloading/Torrenting

Co-branded or White-Labeled Apps

You have the option to do co-branding with us, White-label our apps or simply leverage our APIs/SDKs through sample codes for custom integration with your existing offerings.


    is a parent group of premium Cyber Security Brands, based in Switzerland.

Corporate Consumers

One of our biggest goals is to offer sustainable, flexible and secure solutions to businesses and enterprises, allowing them to focus on their business while leveraging benefits through our offerings. Our corporate packages are aimed specifically towards catering to enterprises that are awestruck by the complexities of security infrastructure and are in search of online security solutions that are the need of their business.

Leverage The Power Of Our Secure Infrastructure

We enable our partners to reach new heights by allowing them to harness the power of our advanced infrastructure and saving them from the hassle of starting everything from scratch.


Infrastructure Footprint in
50+ Countries

10 Million+

Users Served Daily


Human-Attended Support


Uptime Guaranteed

Product Testimonials




Easy to Integrate

The process of integration was super-easy. Excellent customer service and the software really works well.

Daniel Dresch

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service and the APIs really work well. There are many White-label service providers out there, but aces them all.

Evren Belenlioglu

APIs and SDKs are Super Flexible

I was a bit skeptical at first, but the provided APIs and SDKs were really hassle-free and I was able to integrate them without.

Tony Vincent

Download speeds are great

Download speeds are great and customer service second to none.

Irina Sherman

Simple and effective

Simple and easy to use but very powerful and effective - regular updates ensure that there are no software issues. (Mac OSX) - would recommend :-)

Jon Theobald

Easy to use

Easy to use, especially after the most recent upgrade, and fast enough to not interfere with the use of typical applications.

Ron Pike

Works well for me

Been using for over a year now - I'm happy with it.


Very pleased so far

Very pleased so far, takes a while to connect and sometimes won't connect at all. I gave it 4 stars, because I rarely find anything is worth 100%.

John Pod

Great VPN app with affordable price

Great vpn app with affordable price and nice quality.

Anton Zhuk

Works great

Works great, good support, they respond quickly and courteous. Worth the money!

Howard E. Loftus

Never had an issue

Never had an issue, love the app!

Shibba Shabba

Always reliable

Always reliable. Does what it promises to do. Delighted with my purchase.

Stephen Jones

Cheap, fast, reliable and secure. 10/10

I've not had any issues so I can't rate customer service as I've not had to contact them, which is a plus in itself! Cheap, fast, reliable and secure VPN. Highly recommended!

Tim Ryan

Seems to work fine and stable

Seems to work fine and stable , speed is not bad at all.


Works fine, quick and easy setup

Works really well and the setup was easy and quick.

Daniel Dresch

Still really pleased with the product...

Still really pleased with the product and it does everything I wanted and was advertised by them...more than happy :)


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