How Can Atom Be Integrated?

Getting started with Atom is a simple step-by-step process. Just sign up for Atom, get access to the APIs / SDKs and utilize them as per your strategic business requirements.

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APIs & SDKs: The Heart Of Atom

Since inception, Atom was engineered keeping in view the flexibility and integration with different platforms and devices, releasing its users from the complexities of building and maintaining a security infrastructure.

API & SDK Vault

Atom’s web service API (Application Programming Interface) and SDK (Software Development Kit) is platform independent, can be easily integrated and allows you to establish a connection with its secure network seamlessly.

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API Documentation

A complete Web API manual is provided along with the APIs and SDKs to equip the vendors and developers with the necessary knowledge and essential technical details that’ll help them with setting up the service and establishing the VPN connection.

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API Playground

You can experiment with various elements within the API and are given full freedom to modify its content to manage things accordingly. Atom allows a developer to explore its platform by using pre-existing data for better understanding.

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We Have The Right Solutions For Security-Conscious Organizations

Atom caters to those organizations and entities which are seeking security solutions for their services or products and are in need of the best-in-breed threat prevention systems that guarantees concrete protection against the new generation of cyber-attacks.

Atom's next generation security features IP Analyze Anti-Malware IDS/IPS Application Blocking Reputation Classify Allow/Block AntiVirus and Firewall Control Ad URL Filtering Bandwidth Partners M ill i ons o f A t o m ' s Customers Manage Service Providers SaaS Vendors Hardware Manufacturers Public Service Organizations Digital Event Management Whitelabel VPNs P artners Mar k ets Platforms API & SDK Technology Partners


Technical Integration

Atom has teamed up with some of the leading names in the technology industry and has secured them with its platform. With Atom, these organizations were able to significantly reduce the effort it took them to detect, prevent and respond to cyber threats.

Partnership With

The infrastructure and economies of Atom are leveraged by many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to fulfill the Cyber Security need of their customers by protecting them from the new breed of cyber-attacks, hence increasing product offering and brand value.

Strategic Alliance

Becoming a technology partner or forming a strategic partnership with an already established online security brand would not only ensure maximum protection for your own customers, but you will have full freedom to leverage Atom according to your current business needs.

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