Allow Atom to Increase Value Proposition of Your Managed Services

Seamlessly integrate Atom’s VPN technology with your services and increase your brand’s competitive position by harnessing the power of our secure infrastructure without getting into profoundly complex details.

Antivirus Service

If you are an antivirus service provider and wish to extend your business offerings, join hands with Atom and offer VPN services to your customers in combination with antivirus.

Cloud Storage & Backup

Today’s multifaceted ecosystem and aware public demand advanced security solutions that can secure customers’ data from the ever-evolving cyber threats effectively and vigilantly.

Messaging & Email Platform

Emails are the prime mode of corporate communications but unfortunately the most notorious medium for phishing attacks, so offer Atom’s VPN protection along with your communication platforms.

Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is the biggest nemesis of today’s internet users, hence, being a service provider, open up your business to new horizons by coupling up your services with Atom’s VPN.

Remote Monitoring &
Management Services

VPN is the most powerful technology when it comes to encrypting users’ online data, so join alliances with Atom to secure your remote IT management services as well as your customers’.

Cyber Security & Privacy
Service Providers

If you are an existing VPN service provider who is looking for the next big leap, hop on to Atom and leverage its infrastructure and economies to become ‘The Next Big Thing’ in the Cybersecurity industry.

A Strategic Alliance Creating a Win-Win Situation

Atom’s core mission is to provide its customers with value-driven solutions by going beyond traditional means and partnering up with service providers who are aiming to go BIG!

Save Time & Money

Utilizing Atom’s pre-existing technologies will save you from getting into the hassle of developing everything from scratch and deploying a VPN infrastructure which costs a fortune. Just sign up for Atom’s services and utilize it to protect yourself and your customer.

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More Value For Your User

You might already be thriving on your existing user base which is already satisfied with what you are offering to them, but going an extra mile to ensure their online security and privacy is a step towards solidifying the fact that you genuinely care about them.

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Brandable & Manageable

Atom offers the option to white-label its brand and sells it on your own terms, devising a business plan that is better aligned with your corporate goals and deploy strategies which you deem necessary to grow your VPN brand and strengthen its position in the market.

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