Top 5 Security Concerns Faced By Enterprises

July 16, 2018


With the significant shift in the digital landscape and the rise of online threats, businesses and enterprises all over the world are affected by cyber-attacks such as data theft, loss of customer data and intellectual property theft which cost these entities loss of millions and billions of dollars and ultimately being tarnished off their reputation.

A research conducted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission reported a loss of a staggering $63 million because of cybercrimes and scams in 2010. This is the high time that businesses and enterprises realize that “Data is everything,” and its protection where is a technological issue, it’s more of a business issue too.

A business must look into the significance of how they are approaching towards a solution to a particular problem and whether they’re even fully equipped to counter issues regarding their products and services. It is of great significance whether businesses take a risk-driven approach or an architectural approach towards a problem.

Below are top five concerns that enterprises have regarding their business security architecture:

1- Enterprises lack the security infrastructure and framework:

This is the number 1 issue that most organizations are facing currently, that they don’t have the necessary security infrastructure in place to combat the threats of this digital era. Maybe it’s not their forte to be the best at becoming digitally secure, but necessary measures to elevate their security infrastructure should be in place.

2- A need for awareness regarding the importance of security:

Most organizations don’t even realize or are completely oblivious to the fact of how important online security is for their business. We suggest that proper architecture of security infrastructure and the deployment of its protocol should be a necessary function to resolve any existing threats or to be secure from any future threats too.

3- The rise of international laws and its compliances:

Many organizations are not even aware of the online laws such as Data Retention, rules relating to ISPs or the recently famous GDPR. As it's said that ignorance of the law is no excuse, organizations must be aware of such laws and necessary measures should be taken towards addressing any issues to avoid compliances.

4- A need for a defined set of internet security SOPs:

It may come as a shock, but many businesses don’t even have a defined set of internet security protocols or SOPs in place which makes their business suffer in the long run as no one is aware of the steps to take in case of any unforeseen situations.

5- Data Privacy Concerns because of the latest technologies and trends:

Latest technologies such as Cloud and trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has created new challenges for the organizations as how to resolve conflicts in such situations keeping the business objectives in mind and creating a harmony from top to bottom.

The aforementioned security concerns mentioned above are just a few issues that are faced by organizations and businesses all over the world, which may seem basic but are of grave importance.