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Partners, customers, clients and resellers of Atom shall comply with the applicable laws, rules and regulations relating to technology exports/transfer nationally and internationally. For reselling of Atom’s technology and using, utilizing it in any form, the resellers, customers and partners of Atom are to fully comply with the intellectual property rights. Failure to comply could lead towards legal consequences.

You understand and agree that Atom may update, revise and change its services periodically without any notice and may discontinue, disable any service or its site any time. We encourage you to check the mentioned terms of use from time to time as they may change. By continuing to use Atom’s site and its services after the change in terms of use, you agree to be bound by any revisions made.

Your Use Of Atom’s Products And Its Technology

Atom desires all its users, partners, customers, members, resellers and clients to use its technology reasonably. Any customer who was found using the platform unfairly and unreasonably would be subjected to penalties or may get its services curtailed, so as to ensure better services for other members. Any partner found invoking other members or putting up unreasonable demands relating to the business or its technology could get its services discontinued

If any member engages in prohibited activities and was found in non-compliance with the mentioned terms of use, Atom reserves the right to disable its account, terminate its services and refuse to renew the existing account without any prior notice. It’s up to Atom’s discretion to determine what constitutes as unreasonable use for its business.


You hold complete responsibility of your account and the actions that occur within or through your account. Accepting the terms of service, you agree to release Atom, its employees, officers, associates, shareholders, partners from any misconduct or malpractice occurred through your account.

Prohibited Activities

Atom reserves the right to terminate account of any user who is found in any sort of criminal activities such as, data theft, data fraud, utilization of stolen MasterCard, Visa Card, e-Money extortion, Cryptocurrency extortion, coercion, hacking, spamming, phishing, and any related unlawful activity.

We update our terms of use periodically, so, it’s advisable for every user of the service to keep check of the terms of service as we may revise what classify as unlawful or prohibited.

Atom is liable to suspend any user account if found in violation to the terms of use. Although matters pertaining to such severity are concluded through extensive investigation and research, but still if an account holder holds substantial proof of its innocence or non-involvement in the matter, the company can address such instances by committing a particular time frame.

Errors, Correction and Changes

Atom never commits that its website is error-free, or it’s 100% secure from viruses or other harmful factors that could potentially affect the service. Atom never endorses that the information available on its website will always be accurate, reliable or is timely relevant. Atom reserves the right to update, change, and modify the content of its website so as to eradicate any pertaining errors or issues.

Copyright Infringement

Atom vigilantly responds to matters relating to copyright infringement. We will take immediate actions if we receive any notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other similar intellectual property laws which are in place to protect or remove the offending content. An infringer will be dealt in accordance with the law.

Termination Of Contract and Service

You agree that Atom may cancel your account, service or terminate your access to the service completely without any prior notice. We would only be considering terminating your account or service if we found you engaged in activities which are going against the mentioned terms of use or are in any way in violation to the terms of use.

Acceptance of Terms

By becoming a customer of Atom and logging into your account, you agree to the terms of use and services and all other policies that are mentioned as reference in this document.